⌝ FutureResearch is an expressive research-driven creative practice & think tank within FutureDeluxe ⌞

With a focus on experimentation it serves as a framework to drive exploration at the edges of emergent visual and technical cultures.



We use these studies as a way explore new aesthetics, conceptual frameworks and creative technologies for commercial and artistic application ↓

Playtime with Bernie

⌝ Mixed-media generative AI, ML & Unreal Engine realtime ⌞

How can we achieve innovation through learning and experimentation, by embracing a beginners mind? How can we meaningfully introduce machine learning and AI tools into our creative process? View study

Emergence — A Forever Collaboration

⌝ Mixed-media generative AI, real-time collage study for virtual production in Unreal Engine ⌞

What new artistic expressions are emerging from the curated layering of different digital mediums and technologies? View study

Your System is a Garden, Too

⌝ A generative real-time installation ⌞

How can an artwork prompt visitors to reflect on their role within larger systems? View study

Bjork — Fossora

⌝ Experimental Music Video and Live Cornucopia Tour Visuals ⌞

How can we design a procedural network of sound-reactive beings driven by the audio expressions of Bjork? View study


⌝ A Real-time Generative Artwork ⌞

How might we design and construct a cinematic model of the cosmos that can be displayed as an ambient and ever-changing generative artwork? View study


⌝ A Platform-Fluid Avatar Study ⌞

How can our identities persist while moving between disparate virtual realities? Let’s make some procedural avatars that can we can embody across many different digital destinations. View study

Computer Aided Design

⌝ A series of ceramic pieces designed with algorithms ⌞

We are entering a new era of design, thanks to the symbiosis of human and machine. In this research paper we explore the tension between human intuition and computational procedures via the process of designing a set of ceramics with algorithms. View study

Expressive Computer Vision

⌝ A series of exploratory procedural systems aimed at expressive translation ⌞

What happens to the creative dynamic when the algorithm is the Artist and we are the Curators? View study

A/V Dialogues

⌝ Generative Sound and Design Systems ⌞

A/V Dialogues is an exploration in generative sound and design systems, focused around a discourse between TouchDesigner and Eurorack Modular synths. View study


⌝ Real-Time Spaces ⌞

Sports are often best watched in real-time. Why not create sporting environments in real-time CG to see what post-physical spaces might have to offer? View study

Gestures XYZ

⌝ A expressive real-time prototype to paint in 3D space ⌞

Can we paint in 3D space, in real-time? View study


⌝ Digital Folklore through proceduralism & primitive machine learning. ⌞

How do symbols and stories change as they are passed on from one generation to the next and how do these retellings inform future aesthetic traditions in a digital first environment? View study

⌝ What we do here at FutureDeluxe is always in flux. The purpose of our research function is to ensure we’re always pushing forward, experimenting with fresh ways of working in unfamiliar fields and with new technologies ⌞


⌝ A series of aesthetic experiments in merging and cross pollinating datasets ⌞

How does the future look if we art direct a computer’s dreams? View study


⌝ Exploration for a series of playful, gestural expressions using touch for interactive wallpapers. ⌞

How can we express touch-screen gestures in a way that promotes artistic play for Everybody, not just the artistically minded? View study


⌝ 2D + 3D + AI fashion research collaboration with ÃO ⌞

How can we use technology as a way to explore new aesthetic engagements with fashion? View study

‘Research’ within FutureDeluxe functions within three key overlapping playgrounds. ⌝ 01: Conceptual ⌝ 02: Aesthetic ⌝ 03: Technical. This foundation gives us a platform to venture out into undefined territories, parse complex challenges and define new creative spaces.


⌝ A Live Performance System to Cinematically Play Instruments ⌞

How can we make the individual qualities of a sound truly felt whilst cinematically visualising the instruments being played? View study

Samsung - Multi Mirror

⌝ Speculative design collaboration ⌞

How might the art within our homes exist as a playful reflection of our presence through multimodal inputs & cross screen multitasking? View study


⌝ A wide ranging body of speculative fashion research ⌞

How do we envisage the future of fashion from our current standpoint? View study